Centre d’achats Riviera 22 des Flandres


A multi-service shopping center in a high-traffic location.

Located in the heart of high-density residential neighborhood near major intersections. Offers ample parking.

Construction: 1963 and 1980
60,838 sq.ft. on 2 floors

Proud business partner of

Papa Pizza 819-246-0000
Coiffure pour hommes Lorraine Cousineau 819-561-4120
École de conduite Janet Condui-pro 819-205-9293
Patio Vidal 819-561-8877
Clinique d’optométrie de Touraine 819-561-0305
La Tabagie Riviera 819-568-5050
Uniprix 819-568-5111
Provigo Riviera 819-568-5545
Création de style Joka 819-561-5652
Clinique dentaire Touraine 819-525-7755

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Office: Local 9
Area : 4366 Sq.ft.
Available : Now

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