Faubourg du Vieux-Port 1130 St-Joseph


Located at the heart of a residential area and close to the Casino du Lac Leamy, Réno Dépôt, many car dealerships, federal government office towers and an industrial park.

The first phase has been completed and currently hosts an IGA Extra grocery store.
The second phase shelter a Pharmaprix pharmacy, l’Industrielle Alliance, un centre d’appel de Vidéotron, restaurants Au Vieux Duluth.
The third phase is a future project of about 14,000 square feet.

First floor : 
Total area of commercial space for rent = 16,006 sq.ft

More and more interested business people visit the premises to relocate. Why? For the following 5 reasons:

FIRST: The two major businesses will give future clients an efficient advertising window;
SECOND: Faubourg du Vieux-Port is a prestigious commercial centre which fits perfectly in the remarkable environment of Domaine du Vieux-Port. Our commercial centre will be imposing and attractive due to its great beauty, contemporary style, friendly and refined concept. Also, we have planned an exceptional landscaping design which surpasses the standards set by Ville de Gatineau;
THIRD: We pay particular attention to regular maintenance and cleanliness of our buildings by daily pick-up of any paper and garbage in the buildings’ entrances and parking lots and weekly inspection of the exterior portion of the buildings, plus the yearly inspection of the general condition of the buildings;
FOURTH: Given that we manage all our commercial sites, we strive to limit the costs to improve our bargaining power and provide our clients with the best prices;
FIFTH: We continually strive to provide a personalized service, allowing us to be close to our clients, meet their demands and respect our obligations. Result? A reliable, quick, efficient and attentive service tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

If you have any questions and/or to visit,
please call Adrien LeBlanc at 819-568-5151,
extension 303.

Proud business partner of

IGA Extra(819) 772-7774
Pharmaprix(819) 778-2953
Restaurant La Buena(819) 743-6877
Restaurant au Vieux Duluth(819) 205-2727
Vidéotron s.e.n.c.(819) 771-7715
Service taking blood collection center or at home
(819) 205-1490
Clinique Médicale du Faubourg(819) 595-3296
L’Industrielle Alliance
Insurance and Financial Services
(819) 776-0888

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