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Stove - Fridge: Yes No
Referred by: Le Droit Internet

*Take Note:

Administrative fees: 75$ Cash Check Electronic Funds Transfer

*Application accepted : 50$ will be reimburse at the end of the lease after inspection and 25$ will be applied for administrative fees.

*Application rejected : 25$ will be reimburse and 50$ will be applied for administrative fees

Note : If cancellation by clients or if the information provided is not accurate, the administrative fees will not the refunded

1st person

Gender F M
At the actual address are you : Owner Tenant

2nd person

Gender F M
At the actual address are you : Owner Tenant
Number of persons who will live in the apartment:
Others information (if necessary):

Working references

1st person

2nd person

Personal references

With relation: 1st person

With relation: 2nd person

Without relation: 1st person

Without relation: 2nd person

I, the undersigned, certify that the information provided is truthful and complete, and I have note in any was distorted, falsified, or omitted facts that could invalidate the form or influence the landlord’s decision. I understand that making a false statement may result in the lease cancellation and may constitute fraud under section 380 of the Criminal Code, which provides a term of imprisonment among other sanctions. I hereby authorize the landlord and his/her representatives to obtain or exchange my personal information with any personal information agents, financial institutions, employers, landlords, or other institutions, as well as the above-mentioned institutions and persons in order to establish my financial capacity and my ability to meet my lease obligations.

I hereby authorize Les Immeubles Tassé,as a personal information agent, to collect and communicate to the landlord or his/her representatives any personal information that it may have about me in accordance with a prior consent. My consent of the collection and communication of my personal information is valid for 14 calendar days as of the date of my signing the Rental Application. If a lease is signed, my consent remains valid for three years following the termination of this lease, but only to recover arrears on rent owned or, in compliance with a court ruling, to collect any other leases-related debt.