Sublease rental application

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1st person

Gender F M
At the actual address are you : Owner Tenant

2nd person

Gender F M
At the actual address are you : Owner Tenant
Nombre de personnes à habiter le logement :
Autres renseignements (si nécessaire) :

Working references

1st person

2nd person

Personal references

With relation: 1st person

With relation: 2nd person

Without relation: 1st person

Without relation: 2nd person

Assignment of lease fees: (no refundable) | 1st application: 100$
For each new application : 20$/person, entered on the sublease application

IMPORTANT: This is the responsibility of the tenant who leaves to give a copy of his lease agreement and additional clauses to the new tenant who takes over the lease.

I, the undersigned, certify that the information provided is truthful and complete, and I have note in any was distorted, falsified, or omitted facts that could invalidate the form or influence the landlord’s decision. I understand that making a false statement may result in the lease cancellation and may constitute fraud under section 380 of the Criminal Code, which provides a term of imprisonment among other sanctions. I hereby authorize the landlord and his/her representatives to obtain or exchange my personal information with any personal information agents, financial institutions, employers, landlords, or other institutions, as well as the above-mentioned institutions and persons in order to establish my financial capacity and my ability to meet my lease obligations.

I hereby authorize Les Immeubles Tassé,as a personal information agent, to collect and communicate to the landlord or his/her representatives any personal information that it may have about me in accordance with a prior consent. My consent of the collection and communication of my personal information is valid for 14 calendar days as of the date of my signing the Rental Application. If a lease is signed, my consent remains valid for three years following the termination of this lease, but only to recover arrears on rent owned or, in compliance with a court ruling, to collect any other leases-related debt.


If the rental application is accepted, the tenant(s) agrees to provide Les Immeubles Tassé Ltée with proof of insurance before the date of possession.
NO KEY WILL BE GIVEN if proof of insurance has not been submitted to the administration beforehand.