Eugène Tassé, success and involvement

I was born in Bourget on December 2, 1925; my childhood and teen years were a very satisfying period of my life because of what I feel God allowed me to experience. I am grateful for my upbringing and the education I received both at home and in school. At the age of 17 or 18, I already knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go. My life plan had become clear in my mind.

My professional life has been extremely rewarding due to the fact that I contributed in the business world as equally within the community.

For me, the necessary prerequisites to success were belief in God, respect of family values, self-confidence, respect for others, work and tenacity. People must always remember that they live in a society that has given so much to them; therefore, it seems only natural to give back part of what we receive with community involvement and contribution.

Community involvement has always played a major part in Mr. Tassé’s life, regardless of a heavy workload and continuous participation in professional associations.

This involvement resulted not only in participation as a volunteer administrator but also in the form of financial assistance for various communal projects. Such implication occurred at the local, regional and international levels. At the local level, Mr. Tassé was a church warden and a founding member of parish community groups. Regionally, he founded the Society St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Hull, was chairman of the United Way campaign in Western Quebec and was also a member of the board of directors of the Université du Québec à Hull and the Centre Hospitalier Pierre Janet foundations. At the international level, he provided generous financial support to community development projects in India and in Chad.

Passion for humanitarianism is more than a personal interest of mine. It is imbedded in the culture and management values of Les Immeubles E. Tassé.

Mr. Eugène Tassé’s Community Involvement, Awards and Distinctions

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1955 to 1995
Mr. Tassé is involved in humanitarian aid projects in Chad, notably to support the building of dispensaries, hospitals, schools and churches.
1961 to 1963
Mr. Tassé establishes the Outaouais chapter of the Québec Food Retailers Association (ADA) and La Régionale des Laurentides.
1963 to 1973
Mr. Tassé becomes head of the ADA’s Board of Directors.
In 1965
Mr. Tassé founded "Le Comptoir St-Vincent De Paul, Hull" of which he was president for 1965 to 1967, 1969 to 1976, 1979 to 1981 and from 1994 to date. There are currently over 40 employees. The profits generated enable the Comptoir to contribute to community projects.
1971 to 1973
Mr. Tassé is elected president of the ADA.
In 1974
Mr. Tassé founded "Ozanam" which provides approximately 75 to 80 meals per day to disadvantaged people. He also founds "Relations Humaines Ozanam" and he is a founding member of Service-Solitude-Conseil.
Mr. Tassé is the Church warden responsible for fund-raising and construction of "le Centre communautaire St-Pierre Chanel (Hull)."
Mr. Tassé is the founder of "L’Association communautaire St-Mathieu (Touraine)."
In 1981
Mr. Tassé is named President of the United Way "Centraide Outaouais."
1981 to 1982
Mr. Tassé is a member of the Board of Directors of "Épiciers-Unis Métro-Richelieu".
Mr. Tassé is elected president of the Outaouais chapter of the "Commission de la formation professionnelle".
Mr. Tassé is a member of the Advisory Committee of Central Guaranty Trust (Hull) for nearly twenty years.
In 1987
Mr. Tassé provides financial support for the construction of small wells in small villages in India.
"La Chambre de commerce de Gatineau" names Mr. Tassé as Personality of the month
1987 to 1990
Mr. Tassé is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fondation de l’Université du Québec à Hull.
In 1989
The University of Ottawa awards Mr. Tassé the Trudeau Medal.
1989 to 1994
Mr. Tassé is the founding president & director of "Association canadienne des entreprise familiale"(CAFE) and of "Conceil National."
In 1990
"La Chambre de commerce de Gatineau" names Mr. Tassé as Personality of the year.
1991 to 1995
Mr. Tassé is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fondation du Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Janet.
Mr. Tassé creates the micro-enterprises project in India, first and foremost for men. The program was spearheaded by SOPAR (Société de partage – a Canada-India organization). In 2004, 77,000 loans had already been granted.
The project is intended exclusively for women.
1996 to 1999
Mr. Tassé is a member of the Université du Québec à Hull’s Committee major fund-raising campaign and he contributes $10,000 towards the creation of the Fonds d’entrepreneurship Eugène Tassé.
Mr. Tassé publishes a first book entitled "Devenir multimillionnaire en équilibre avec soi-même" (Becoming a self-balanced multimillionaire).
Mr. Tassé is the Founding Member of "La Maison d’accueil Mutchmore", a community centre in the Mutchmore area (Hull) which enables women, mainly single-parents, to achieve autonomy through different training activities, namely French language, sewing and institutional kitchen. The objective of the Maison is to welcome women and guide them towards re-entry into the workforce.
2000 to 2005
Mr. Tassé is awarded the "Médaille de l’Assemblée nationale".
Mr. Tassé receives the ‘Community Award’ from the Fondation des Aînés de l’Outaouais.
SOPAR honours Mr. Tassé for his support for the poor in India.
Mr. Tassé creates the Table De Concertation Sur Le Développement de La Culture Entrepreneuriale (Entrepreneurial Culture Development Table). See Annex 1;
The University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management awards Mr. Tassé the first Dean’s Philos Award.
Mr. Tassé contributes to the creation of an assistance fund for cataract surgeries in India. The fund allows people of working age to regain a better vision and return to the workforce. This assistance fund is based on micro-credit(1as )the interests on the loans help more and more people to take advantage of these surgeries.
Mr. Tassé is inducted into the Québec Food Retailers Association (ADA) Hall of Fame. See Annex 2, ADA Hall of Fame section
(1)Micro-credit is the best way to help the poor help themselves. Money is always available to help others.
2006 to 2009
Le Droit and Radio-Canada name Mr. Tassé as Personality of the year in the Business category.
Mr. Tassé becomes a member of the University of Ottawa’s Cercle du Recteur.
The micro-enterprises project in India finally self-finances, after 14 years of work with women groups. Indian banks now give women groups reduced rate loans.
Mr. Tassé publishes a second book entitled Et Si Vous Connaissiez Lla «Ccondition » Pour Devenir Riche.
Mr. Tassé receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management.
2010 to 2011
Mr. Tassé receives an Honorary Acknowledgement as ‘Deserving Citizen’ for volunteer commitment, at the Gala Méritas de Gatineau.
Mr. Tassé is awarded the Medal of the Order of Gatineau as ‘Deserving Citizen’, for his exceptional contribution to the community.
Received the Gérard-Lesage Medal, UQO’s highest distinction award. This medal honours community members who play an exceptional role in the development, outreach and evolution of their region, as well as the University’s institutional values.