In business since 1946

A page of history

The passion to be in business

We are extremely proud to have recently celebrated 72 years in business. Mr. Tassé is currently 95 years old and is still very present and active throughout the company. Every morning from Monday to Friday, Mr. Tassé salutes every member of the administrative staff, illustrating his commitment to community and corporate partnership. We can thank Mr. Tassé for creating such a deeply rooted and admired company culture.

From his early childhood, Mr Eugène Tassé conjured a life plan which he never deviated from. He adopted a personal mission and set specific entrepreneurial goals from a young age. Not only being that he is a driven entrepreneur, he always put emphasis on family values and his relationship with God for reason to his success.

Today Mr. Eugène Tassé is a relentless businessman and builder who now owns over 1000 residential units and 8 commercial buildings. His father, Philippe Tassé, taught him the three keys to success.

My father always told me “If you want to fully develop your potential, you must first work for yourself, then you must work hard and finally and most importantly, when you make a dollar, invest 50 cents “. I listened to him and I never regretted it!

Obtaining financial freedom has been a significant life project for Mr. Eugène Tassé, however concern and empathy for others has also been just as important. He often mentions that his professional life was extremely enriching because of his investment in the business world as well in the local community. This explains why the company financially and philanthropically supports numerous organizations. Mr. Eugène Tassé has received many awards over his lifetime. On October 1st, 2004, he received the Dean Philos Award from the University of Ottawa (where he completed his studies in business administration in 1944) in recognition of his lifetime of philanthropic achievement and social commitment.

Over all those years in the business world, Mr. Eugène Tassé spent 45 years in the food and grocery industry. Incidentally, he’ll never forget his very first sale in 1946, “three black balls” for a penny, in his first store on Fortier St. in Hull. From his humble beginnings, his property acquisitions with construction has now become a force in the Ottawa Valley; always maintaining a tradition of dedication and excellence.

Honouring Les Immeubles E. Tassé’s 72 years in business is a recognition of the value of a businessman with a big heart.