Residential rental

Here are some testimonials from our customers

Ms. CEJAERT, 2013

I've lived in a furnished apartment and with regard to your customer service; it was very warm and very competent. The apartments are well furnished and very clean. It was a very pleasant stay.

C. Proulx, Associate Director

DEMS Sarl consulting, Madagascar, 2013

Over the past 5 years I occupied an apartment with my children on St-Louis and Orleans Street. Your employees are dedicated and very professional in their work; the welcome is warm, almost familial. They have filled our desires with promptness and courtesy. The apartments are comfortable and spotless. The maintenance technicians are fast, courteous and efficient. It is a real pleasure to do business with your company.


Here are some testimonials from our customers

Pharmacie Larose| Fernand Larose

Centre d'achats Riviera, 22 des Flandres : Since 1972 Commercial tenant of Les ImmeublesE. Tassé : since 1977

To be in business with the same owner since 1977 may seem like a long time, but why move when you enjoy an excellent professional relationship with the owner? That’s what I said and I stayed. Yes, the proverb "to try it is to adopt it" has proven exact. I am very satisfied with the customer service. Whenever I have a complaint, someone treats it the same day. The premises are very well maintained and the parking lot is properly cleaned before we arrive in the morning. The owner, Mr. Eugène Tassé, is very stringent regarding cleanliness and maintenance of the premises, in the interests of the tenants.

Réjean Lafleur, optometrist

Centre d'achats Riviera, 22 des Flandres Commercial tenant since 1985

The fact that we have been a commercial tenant since 1985 says it all. A commercial location which responds to our needs, an owner who listens to the requests of his tenants and answers them are qualities that support good relations. We are very satisfied with everything. The parking lot is above reproach, as well as the cleanliness of the building and the excellent services provided.

Coiffure Maxime | Carole Gaudreault

Centre Templeton, 922 Maloney Commercial tenant since 1990

To be in business is quite a challenge, but when our owner is a responsible person, much of the stress is lifted. We have been commercial tenants of Les Immeubles Tassé since 1990, and we are very satisfied. We enjoy an excellent service, particularly with regards to repairs and maintenance.

Académie Mélinik| Gilles Baker

455, boulevard Riel, since 1990 Commercial tenant of Les Immeubles E. Tassé since 2002

I have been a happy tenant since Mr. Eugène Tassé bought the commercial centre in 2002.
It is a pleasure to be in business with Les Immeubles Eugène Tassé. We don’t feel that management of Les Immeubles Tassé is on one side and the merchants are on the other side. We definitely all work together. As far as customer service, it is always quick and efficient. When we call, someone answers. In general, every employee of Les Immeubles Eugène Tassé believes in the commercial success of their merchants and always cares and supports us.

Option Femmes Emploi

365, boulevard Greber Commercial tenant.

It feels good to occupy safe commercial premises! We feel that way since we became tenants of Les Immeubles E. Tassé. At the onset, negotiations were easy and remained that way for each lease renewal. The open and understanding personnel always cares about the well-being and interests of their tenants. Besides caring, they ensure the building is very clean and well maintained, and they provide attentive customer services. If we feel that dealing with Les Immeubles E. Tassé equals professionalism, it also means to feel welcome within a great family.

Animalerie 4 pattes | Eric Gravel

Centre Templeton, 922 Maloney Commercial tenant since 2003

I knew Mr. Tassé’s excellent reputation as a businessman. It truly motivated me to go into business. So I jumped in and rented commercial premises owned by Les Immeubles Tassé. I have always been very satisfied. Customer service is quick and the building is extremely well maintained.

Pastina | Céline Lavigne and Danielle Tousignant

Place Greber, 355 boulevard Greber Commercial tenant since 2004

We have been in business over 20 years and I am very proud to say that Mr. Eugène Tassé is the best landlord we’ve had over the years. The staff is kind and courteous and always listens to our requests. Customer service is quick, a priceless quality. The building is well maintained and the parking lot is always clean, a primary concern for anyone doing business in a commercial centre. A well maintained and clean parking lot is an incentive for the customers.