A word from General Management

Since 1946, Immeubles E. Tassé has been a leader in the rental industry in the Ottawa area, holding tradition with dedication and product excellence. Our immeasurable building management and personalized approach to customer service have made us one of the top rental property companies in Gatineau.

Over the years, we have developed a service providing fully equipped, furnished apartments to meet the often-urgent requirements of those needing to move into a temporary home on short notice. We are proud to successfully meet these needs and to provide friendly, caring service with both monthly and annual leases.

Managing a company that owns close to 1000 apartments, about 100 commercial locations and managing over 40 employees, it is a satisfying challenge we enjoy.

We have a clear vision, and it comes down to three main points
  • Respect for the staff
    It is important to treat employees with dignity and respect.
  • Growth of the business
    A matter of efficient planning and successful results.
  • Community involvement at the heart of the business
    We assist several organizations, both financially and with volunteer work, providing support to help community members reach their full potential.

Any questions?

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and your virtual tour of our furnished and unfurnished apartments. We also are showcasing our newly developed commercial buildings and we hope you will find the right space to set up your dream shop.

We look forward to serving you!