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    Residential rental
    Customer service
    • Orléans and Savane Area Manager
      (14-15-18-19-23-26-30-34-38-42) Orléans
      (170-178-193) Savane
      819 561-0084
    • des Flandres and St-Louis Area Manager
      (4-6-14-16-25-27-29-31) des Flandres
      (1845-1855-1865-1875) St-Louis
      819 568-7319
    • Pointe-Gatineau and Lafrenière Area Manager
      (25-35) Lafrenière
      (545-565) Pointe-Gatineau
      819 243-0516
    Repair service
    Commercial rental
    Administration department
    Accounting and Human Resources Department