Our values,

what defines us and guides our actions

Immeubles E. Tassé capitalizes on proven values shared by its employees. In the performance of their duties, employees commit to applying the principles of respect, honesty and effective communication, the common denominator of healthy relations within the work team and with customers.


Respecting people means not passing judgment (verbal or non-verbal derogatory attitudes), accepting them in their private and professional lives, with their different ways of doing and thinking, according to their values, and with their strengths and limitations. Management agrees to take employees’ opinions into consideration, and employees to act in accordance with management’s decisions, while respecting the company’s hierarchy.


Since employees are not “in” the company, but “are” the company, trust is an essential basic criterion. The value of honesty is lived first individually and then collectively, within the company.

Acting with honesty means :

  • Assume our share of responsibility in the interests of the company;
  • Acknowledge the power conferred on us in the course of our duties, and not abuse it;
  • Acknowledge mistakes;
  • Demonstrate transparency in our actions;
  • Not to appropriate the material goods of the company or of others, and to use work time for professional purposes only.


Effective communication is essential to a company’s success, whether at interpersonal, team, organizational or external level. Establishing good communication in a company means :

  • Know how to listen and be heard;
  • Get an idea across quickly and clearly;
  • Observe, ask questions, take notes;
  • Exchange points of view and lead constructive discussions;
  • Communicate problems and find solutions;
  • Resolve conflicts constructively;
  • Establish guidelines.

Regular meetings are also important for establishing good communication within work teams.