Our team


We are able to preserve high standards while maintaining competitive pricing because of a competent and efficient administrative team and employees who will do their best to find and implement ways of improving both productivity and quality of life at work. As a result, we can always accommodate adequately the changing needs of our clientele.

The tenant is and will continue to be central to our organisational activities. However, we also care about staff training, which receives very careful consideration when we set our management goals. Similarly, our “Term Note-Investment-Savings” program gives our employees the opportunity to invest in our company and receive a good return on investment. Our success ensures our community involvement.

Our success is the guarantor of our community involvement

Our Mission, our purpose

Since 1946, we have committed to put the client as our top priority, as well as placing customer services and our client-based approach in the heart of the company’s management philosophy.
We are proud of the quality of our residential and commercial housing inventory, including clean, well-maintained and safe buildings which contribute to our reputation of dedication and excellence.
Through their enthusiasm, commitment and know-how, our employees contribute daily to our success by providing our customers quick and efficient services.

Our Vision, the objectives we continuously strive to achieve

  • Our employees’ dignity: We believe that the contribution of such competent and motivated personnel is crucial to the achievement of our mission. That is why we invest to acknowledge their importance, listen to them, treat them with respect and allow them to develop their full potential.
  • The company’s expansion: A matter of projects and results. Always be ready to move forward is the key to success.
  • The community, at the heart of the company: We are proud to financially and voluntarily support numerous regional agencies and to contribute to foreign projects. Our humanitarian concerns as well as our engagement are part of the company’s overall values.

Our Values, the principles that define us and guide our actions

Les Immeubles E. Tassé build on its employees’ demonstrated and shared values. The employee commits, in the performance of his or her duties, to apply the principles of respect, honesty and effective communication, the common denominator required to create healthy relations within the work team and with the customers.


To respect someone means not to judge (verbal/non verbal condescending attitudes), to accept someone in his or her professional and personal life, different way of working and thinking and according to his or her values, strengths and weaknesses.
Management wilfully takes into account its employees’ opinions and the employees agree to act upon management’s decisions, while respecting the company’s chain of command.


Since the employees are not « in » the company, but « are » the company, trust is a fundamental factor. Honesty first transpires individually, then collectively within the company. To act with honesty, one must:

  • Assume one’s share of responsibilities, in the interests of the company;
  • Acknowledge the authority accompanying one’s duties without abusing it;
  • Recognize one’s errors;
  • Show transparency in one’s actions;
  • Not take the company’s material assets or anyone else’s assets;
  • Use one’s work time for professional purposes only.


Effective communication is an essential element for the company’s success, be it at an interpersonal level, among teams, organizational or external. To establish effective communication within a company, one must:

  • Be willing to listen and to be heard;
  • Ensure an idea is quickly and well understood;
  • Observe, ask questions, take notes;
  • Share points of view and promote constructive discussions;
  • Communicate problems and find solutions;
  • Settle disputes constructively;
  • Establish directives.

Regular meetings are also important to establish effective communication within work teams.